The Effects Of Alcohol On Our Brain

A pregnant woman craves to food like no can stop here to taste it immediately. But if a man indulging to alcohol to satisfy his taste bud is another story. Like one glass of beer seems not enough to end up binging with three bottles in a day. Alcohol content can calm you for single shot and lose you for a dense amount. In the U.S statistic, the standard drink for beer is 12 ounces, in wine is 5 ounces and in liquor is 12 ounces. Since the lifestyle of a man changed through times, the craft brewery is booming in the liquor industry where you can find light lager to stout as variants. The infographic gives us ideas about how alcohol surpass the standard of living of a man. Because of these issues, the infographic provides the tips to avoid alcohol faster. This process seems difficult at once. However, for someone who is willing to control your habit will find acceptance.


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