Environmental Impact of Burial Funerals

This infographic details some of the negative consequences that the funeral industry, and more specifically burial funerals have on our planet. The visualization of this data paints a picture of just how damaging burial funerals are on a national scale. What stands out most from the data is the sheer amount of resources used to manufacture coffins and burial vaults. In order for people to decrease their own impact on our environment, we need to shed light on this problem, and bring awareness to it by showing actual numbers of and statistics regarding the funeral industry. Hopefully this infographic can raise some awareness. The funeral industry is landscape that is constantly changing, and with people more environmentally conscious, it should be no surprise that the funeral industry is shifting to more environmentally sustainable practices to meet the demands of the modern consumer.


Infographic Source: https://safepassageurns.com/blogs/blog/environmental-impact-of-burial-funerals-1

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