Foreigner’s Guide: Everything you Need for a Fun Visit to the Philippines

Your ticket to the Philippines and accommodations may be booked and the itinerary is all set and ready, but have you thought of what you will need for the trip yet? Packing is definitely an important part of prepping for a getaway, most especially for foreigners who have never prepped for a tropical country like this one.

You can most definitely purchase everything you need when you get there, but why spend your pocket money on basic necessities when you can spend it elsewhere like on side trips, food, and many other wonderful surprises along the way? To make sure you make the most of your experience, you might as well pack these essentials yourself.

But not knowing what to pack may lead to not packing enough or overpacking. As much as being ready for anything is a good thing, you wouldn’t want to carry around all that stuff through the airport alone. Know what to pack by completing this travel essential checklist tailored to visitors coming to the Philippines.


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