Explore the History and Heritage Sites of Delhi

Old Delhi is replete with history and culture everywhere you turn. But, one must know what one is looking at and so it is wise to use a local guide. They will tell you of the Mughal Emperors and take you through the streets on the delectable food safaris.


Best heritage sites to visit in Delhi

But before you begin your Old Delhi walking tour just make a note of the places of interest and things to do. One can see the splendour of the past especially from the Mughal period when Emperor Shahjahan built many spectacular buildings. This was in 1638 A.D. when he moved his capital from Agra to Delhi. Most tourists enjoy the walking tour which lets them examine the objects having heritage value.

Lodi Garden: This lovely garden is a favourite spot for morning joggers and exercise freaks. But, one can see quite a few structures that have historical significance. These include the tombs of Sikandar Lodi and Mohammed Shah.

Gauri Shankar Mandir: This temple has an 800-year history. Built by Apa Ganga Dar to fulfil a promise he made when he lay dying, the Gauri Shankar Mandir has a giant phallus in brown stone encases in a white marble enclosure representing the female organ. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati along with their two sons Ganesha and Kartik.

Shisha Gumbad: Located inside the Lodi Gardens this is the tomb of one of the last rulers in the Lodi line of rulers. Oldest one is the tomb of Mohammed Shah. The square shaped construction has lintel beams and columns and seems to have two floors. In reality, the entire building is only one storey tall. You can see the Safdarjung tomb in one corner of the Lodi Garden.

Food tours: Each tour guide will take you on a different path but the delectable eatables are the same everywhere in Delhi. So, even if you are on your own, just ask for the eatables by name and you are home.

You can get to any place by walk or in a bicycle rickshaw. By spending time on the Old Delhi city tour, one learns how the city evolved.

Do not miss eateries of Delhi

You can see some of the top eateries in Delhi in the list below:

Gianni’s di Hatti: This dessert parlour has ice cream and quick bites. The rabri faluda is highly recommended. One must also try the malai lassi.

Gole ke Hatti: Renowned for its Chawal Chole, Gulab Jamun, and dahi bhalla, one can get delicious palak curry too. It is located in Chandini Chowk and some of the customers dig their chole bature. You get delightful service here.

Paranthe Waali Gali: The food in this gali is truly vegetarian and prepared by Brahmin cooks. They avoid the use of onions and garlic in their food. The favourite food items found here are Parat parantha, ghobi parantha, khoya parantha, with mixed vegetable, mint chutney paneer and potato curry and sweet tamarind chutney.

Get delicious items such as Parantha, Chole Kulche, Badam Halwa, Chaat, Tikki, Falooda, and more at most of these places. Keep some time aside to go on walking tours.

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