Facebook cheat sheet

With over a billion active users frequenting the site, Facebook is not a platform that most marketers than avoid. And with the hundreds of data points that Facebook offers advertisers to pinpoint user groups and target audiences, the platform has grown into a favorite among marketers in a wide variety of niches.

With a major share of engagement of Facebook being driven by visual content, it’s imperative that you optimize your visual content (images and videos) to comply with all of FAcebook ever-changing guidelines. In short run, most may think that this is just for avoiding pixelated content and improper thumbnails. In the long run, optimizing images on facebook offer some additional perks- it helps in branding, and in reaching a wider audience with your ads.

But how can we stay updated with all of Facebook visual content guidelines, Well- here’s is a Facebook cheat sheet from TechWyse that depicts Facebook’s image sizing guidelines. You won’t have to guess or run around looking for those dimensions again!

Facebook cheat sheet

Infographic Source: https://www.techwyse.com/blog/infographics/facebook-cheat-sheetsize-and-dimensions/

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