Fundamentals of the Portfolio Kanban Method

With the help of Kanban, you can visualize your process and the assignment of your team.

For this purpose, the method uses a Kanban board (whiteboard) divided by columns for each stage that assignments must go through from the moment they are requested to the point where they are considered done.

All tasks that your team works on are described in specific Kanban cards that move from one column to the next in parallel with their progress.

To ensure a smooth flow of work, you must apply limits to the number of tasks that can be in progress simultaneously.

Although Kanban is a great way to increase process efficiency on a team level, the transparency that it provides is more difficult to maintain on a large scale.

Developed for applying the principles of Kanban on a large scale, Portfolio Kanban can help any manager achieve 100% transparency of their team’s process.

Learn what is Portfolio Kanban, what are the benefits of applying the method, how is it different from Team Kanban, how to start implementing it, and more.

All in a single infographic.


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