Road Traffic Accidents: How does Suffolk compare to the UK?

To explore how road traffic accidents in Suffolk compare to those of the UK, Gotelee solicitors decided to launch a research project which investigated the topic! This involved retrieving information from official government publications, expert opinion in addition to well-informed data and statistics.

The project looked to clearly and understandably inform the public on what a road traffic accident is exactly. This covers everything from the types of road traffic accident, the most at risk locations and roads, as well as additional information on how to know if you qualify for a legal claim if you have been in an accident.

Not content with showcasing the data alone, Gotelee produced their own distinct analysis – suggesting why these numbers might be the way they are and additionally reasoning why Suffolk compares in the way it does.

Finally, Gotelee presents the expert advice of one of their leading Road Traffic and Personal Injury Solicitors, Stevan Stratton, who answers all of our burning questions.


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