How To Fix a Non Flushing Toilet

We must be thankful for the little things like the air we breathe, food we eat as well as the toilet that flushes with ease. It can be really frustrating if all these things that we often take for granted start to malfunction.

Sometimes there might be a situation where the toilet won’t flush and such plumbing emergencies usually requires professional help. However, we can solve such problems with some DIY methods or at least have some temporary solution for such plumbing emergencies.

We tend to dispose some unnecessary stuff to the toilet which is not cleaned properly after the use. Nobody wants to have a messed up toilet as we know the fact that cleanliness is next to godliness. Also it is really embarrassing to manually flush the toilet with a bucket of water. So, here we have a useful guide on how to fix a non flushing toilet to get rid of such plumbing emergencies.


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