How To Get Rid Of Hickey

Hickeys are also known as love bites. Hickeys are the form of bruises but do not harm to your health or body. As it’s not any disease and can heal itself with time.

As the process of the formation of both hickeys and bruises are same. But the Hickey is the result of kiss done on the body with immense pressure.

Bruises are the result of injury from any accidents and need proper medication.

Hickeys are also known to be as love bites. They are said to love bites because it occurs because of the passionate love kiss between the partners.

Hickeys are formed due to the breakage of blood vessels below the skin. Due to their breakage, the blood starts flowing to the outer skin. When blood comes out, this blood gets dry out after it comes from capillaries.

As blood is red in colour but after drying it changes its colour to reddish purple and thus leaving a reddish mark on the skin.

This mark is known as Hickey. As hickeys can go itself with time but there are many ways to get rid of hickeys fast from your body. So below are ways which can help you out in the process.


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