How to Identify and Avoid SMS Scams

It is an unfortunate fact that potential scammers and malicious parties exist across all kinds of communication platforms. With almost 92% of text spam messages being classified as scams or frauds, it becomes critical to stay vigilant against these kinds of schemes.

There are several types of SMS scams: spam SMS, phishing SMS, SMS originator spoofing, and SMS malware attacks. The tactics used by scammers to lure people into clicking malicious links or giving out personal information include posing as loved ones in an emergency or as a corporation or institution.

For those less informed, they might not see the difference between a legitimate SMS and a tech support scam.

The best way to avoid SMS scams is to look out for potential red flags, such as unverified or unusual numbers, spelling and grammar errors, and alerts for irrelevant information. Additionally, doing your research to confirm the legitimacy of a company and its SMS can prevent you from entertaining a potential fraud.

Finally, if things seem suspicious, refrain from clicking links and block numbers that send you shady messages. As the world grows increasingly connected, it becomes even easier to become targets for fraudsters. Being aware of how these SMS scams work gives you the power to protect yourself from harm.

How to Identify and Avoid SMS Scams

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