The very first thing to pay attention to when viewing web pages is the logo. Sometimes it is the bottleneck to attract the attention of visitors. Do you have a personal website? And if you expect your web pages to be larruping and attracting more and more attention. DesignEvo online logo maker is the perfect solution for you. I am a blogger and web designer from different websites. With this online tool, I can make professional logo designs. Thanks for the logo, the amount of visits to my web pages has increased dramatically. Do you want to create professional logo designs yourself? Well, try Designevo online logo software once I assure you that you will love it soon.

Designevo Online Logo Program is a potent tool, but easy to use the website to create highly professional logos from several customizable templates, custom fonts and thousands of high-quality design objects and clipart that are ready to be used with the program. We can design a new logo or use one of the basic templates to start. The basic concept can then easily be adapted in every aspect. The site uses an intuitive WYSIWYG editing approach, which allows full control over the design, without the need for any editing experience. Don’t be fooled by the generic name instead. The site produces some very cool designs that can easily be compared to many professional logo designs.

We are just minutes from our new logo. You can use the free version of the Designevo-easy-to-use Logo Maker to see how powerful it is and make a logo for our website or print now. Using Designevo Online Logo Maker to create professional logo designs is very easy.

How to create a logo ?


You can perform the following steps to create a professional logo design:

  • Visit Designevo Online Logo Maker at
  • You can then log on as the current user or sign up as a new user
  • Click on make logo free
  • Type in the word of your niche to find a suitable logo
  • You scroll down to enable you to choose the best logo template that will preach perfect to your brand.
  • Click the logo you choose
  • Enter your brand name and logo


Click on any logo that fits your website or brand, which is a drag – and – drop editing process.

To get more brands of your logo, click on Preview as shown in the image below:


Use DesignEvo to creating the logo only takes a few minutes! If you are prompted during the download, choose to save the file in a folder on our computer. Once you have downloaded the DesignEvo logo, click on the folder to open different formats of your logo, follow the instructions on the screen as you design to get the best of DesignEvo. Now we can make professional logo designs ourselves and enjoy our business with enthusiasm.

It has a cloud-based saving, so you can saving it online if you didn’t finish editing. And you can just continue editing next time.


Now that’s a brief DesignEvo review from me. Through this DesignEvo review, does it mean that I recommend this free online logo maker application?

After using it, yes, I highly recommend it, especially for those of us who have limited expertise in graphic design, especially in making logos.

DesignEvo doesn’t only help on one occasion. If indeed you often deal in graphic design in the future, especially when selling visual element-like logo-making services, DesignEvo will be very helpful at a price that I think is very reasonable.

Going forward, I plan to say logo manufacturing services to my clients.

How are you based? Have you tried DesignEvo? If so, let’s share your experience through the comments column below. If not, try all the features for free now.