How To Make These 5 Simple DIY Bathroom Scents?

Your bathroom’s odors are not just caused by using the toilet – mold, mildew, and other manners of
bacteria can cause odor as bathrooms can be steamy and damp. Hence, the best way to maintain your
bathroom’s fresh smell and healthy ambiance is to keep it clean as you can – and that is by doing a
regular bathroom cleaning routine.

One habit worth including in your bathroom cleaning routine is to add air fresheners. You can do it by
adding a couple of drops of essential oil if you have an unused dish of potpourri. Adding a small number
of cotton balls then assembling in a dish works as well. Long-lasting essential oils are available in various
scents. Not to mention, they go a long way, and they’re very affordable.

However, you can do DIY bathroom scents to save money. Here are five ways to make DIY bathroom
scents, brought to you by Duracare Baths.How To Make These 5 Simple DIY Bathroom Scents?


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