How to Make Wine at Home

Wine can be traced back to millennia of tradition and innovation that turn all kinds of grapes into the alcoholic beverage people enjoy today. However, you don’t need to own a vineyard to create your own wine. In fact, winemaking can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home.

The tools needed to make wine at home include a food-grade pail, carboy, airlock and rubber stopper, large spoon, glass/wine hydrometer, siphon, cleaner and sanitizer, transferring equipment, corker and corks, and bottles. You will also need ingredients like fruit juice, granulated sugar, wine yeast, yeast nutrients, sulfur dioxides, filtered water, and time and heat.

The winemaking process itself is relatively simple—any fresh, no-preservative fruit juice can be used through fermentation. Once your winemaking equipment is properly sanitized, it is a matter of mixing the juice with the yeast, yeast nutrients, and sugars. This mixture is then degassed and left to ferment for around a week, then transferred to a new container to ferment for another two to three weeks.

As the wine ferments, its sweetness can be adjusted with the addition of more sugar. Otherwise, it is ready for siphoning and bottling. Learn more about how to start making wine at home from the infographic here:

How to Make Wine at Home

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