Creating unique and interesting content for your business is time-consuming. When you’ve put a lot of effort into creating great content that your clients will find useful, it’s important to get as much mileage out of it as you can. Recycling, or repurposing, your content is the easiest way to improve the shelf life of any cornerstone content. Breaking it down into bite-sized chunks you can easily rework your content in a variety of ways. This infograph “How to Recycle Your Content” walks you through the process, beginning with a cornerstone blog post or video. No matter where you begin the process, you need only keep reworking your content in new ways, breaking it up, piecing it together, and creating new pieces of content that all lead back to the cornerstone on your website. Reworking existing content is the easiest way to keep your website and social media up to date. Check out this infograph from Twirp Communications Inc. to see just how it can all be accomplished.

How to Recycle Your Content

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