How to Sell on Instagram

User-generated content (UGC) can play a big part in the success of any marketing campaign. However, not all social networks are built alike, and marketers will need to make smart, data-driven decisions before incorporating any content into their work.

For example, Instagram used to provide poor marketing value, as it lacked the ability to pass on clickthrough traffic. Recent research suggests, however, that Instagram might be a powerful tool for marketers in their quest to bring in more leads and conversions.

According to research by Yotpo, which runs a platform for incorporating user-generated content, 83 percent of customers are more likely to consider buying a product if a friend endorsed it on Instagram. Using content from the image-driven platform  also does wonders for engagement levels. The same research shows that campaigns get 17 percent higher engagement levels compared with YouTube. Leads from Instagram are  also twice more engaging than Facebook.

Of course, the data-driven approach plays a big part in ensuring the success of campaigns.  In this regard, marketers can benefit from Yotpo’s Instagram Cution feature, which lets you play around with different options. AB testing, for example, showed that sales conversions grew 24 percent after embedding Instagram images onto e-commerce product pages.

More details can be found over at Yotpo’s infographic, which is based on data and internal research.

How to Sell on Instagram

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