Iconic Fictional Homes From The Movies and Television Sitcoms

Many throughout the world have a deep love for both film and television. ProDBX has a love for contractor businesses and the valuable contributions that they make. Throughout the history of film there have been many iconic homes that will never be forgotten, many that are highlighted in this graphic. The same can be said about television. Readers will notice Wayne Manor from the Batman films. They will also notice The Simpsons iconic home for it’s highly successful television show. This infographic highlights the most recognizable homes and give you specific information about them. For example, a brief synopsis of the film or show. Information about the house including what it might be valued at. Lastly, we highlight the ratings the film received from casual viewers and critics. The hope is that you will enjoy looking through the information presented in this infographic and perhaps remember the first time you saw these homes.


Infographic Source: http://prodbx.com/resources/iconic-fictional-homes-movies-television-infographic/

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