Is It Really Free?

Are you sick of paying for a product about which you were told that it is absolutely free? The infographic below explains how you can avoid such scams and marketing tactics used to shove the product down a consumer’s throat.

  • Are you being lured into buying a product that you have no interest in for the sake of getting the free product that you actually want? Well, the product is not free to begin with. You will be paying the cost of that “free product” within the price of the overpriced bundle that you’d purchase.
  • Buy our product, show us the proof, and get a rebate. Take off your shows, turn your face in the other direction, and run as fast as you can because it’s not a freebie. It’s just the company betting on you that you will not even claim a rebate because 60% who get involved in such deals, don’t.
  • Get a one month subscription to this service or keep the product to yourself for this period of time, for free. Well, it is never free because what you’re being lured into is a trial period.
  • Are you being asked to fill out a survey or enter a competition in order to win the product that you want then it is already very clear that you’re not getting that product for free.
  • Are you paying an expensive shipment fee for the sake of getting a free product? The question itself points out the fault in this offer. Overly priced shipment fee includes the market price of the product being offered.


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