Male Urinary Incontinence Products – What Are Your Options?

If you’re one of the four American men who will struggle with incontinence at some stage in their life, then know this – you aren’t alone! It’s far more common than you may think and far more manageable as well. There are many great product options available on the market from incontinence pads to reusable incontinence briefs. Some men find that they simply need some absorbent underwear to help manage light drops and leaks from time to time. Or because they lead an active lifestyle, they need that little extra bit of security and protection. Others may find their needs require something a little more heavy duty. Always consult a medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis and to understand your situation better. From here, you can then do your own research and have a better idea in finding the best products for your unique needs.

Here’s an infographic to explain what product options are available.

Male Urinary Incontinence Products

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