How to Choose Between Mobile Website And Mobile App

The importance of online presence can’t be overestimated. Customers tend to surf the net in search for suitable service or goods. Most of businesses, in their turn, launch websites to please and comfort customers. And everything seems fine till the moment they realise the the majority of Internet users are smartphone-oriented. What does it mean? Let’s see.

About a half of the total amount of site visits are from mobile devices. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly, you are at risk to lose your customers. To prevent this from happening, you have to think over the options that make your product closer to mobile target audience. Here they are:

  • create the adaptive or responsive design;
  • make a mobile version of you site;
  • build a mobile app.

The first option is suitable if you don’t have a website yet and you can think in advance about the adaptivity of your product. As for the next two options, they both have their strong and weak sides. The following infographic is right for you to know these valuable points about a mobile site and an application before you make your final choice.


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