The National Park Service Turns 100!

Although the United States is still a relatively new country, we’ve been able to achieve so much. Thanks to the National Park Service, which is celebrating its 100th year of service this August 25th, millions of people can explore national parks, monuments, battlefields, historical sites and more. August 25th really is an important day for us all! Did you know that 307 million people recreationally visit areas overseen by the National Park Service every year? The National Park Service consists of a total of 84 million acres and 410 sites.

Have you ever wondered what constitutes making an area a national park or a national monument? National parks are chosen for their beauty, geographical features and unique ecosystems. National monuments are selected for their historical or archeological importance. It’s time to check out these amazing sites throughout the U.S. And while you do, ADT home monitoring will help protect your property. National Park

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