The new cruise ships of 2018

Are you a lover of cruising? ROL Cruise, the UK’s number one cruise specialist, details six brand new vessels launched in 2018, including the Azamara Pursuit, Scenic Eclipse and Celebrity Edge.

In the infographic, each of the ships are depicted as hand-drawn images with their specifications next to them. At a glance, you can see the ship’s godmother, launch date, top features and some of the incredible destinations they travel to.

Accompanying the infographic is an article, which further analyses each ship and their offerings. With the help of some lucky cruisers who have already had the opportunity to set sail on these magnificent vessels, ROL Cruise highlights the ships’ best additions, discussing the type of traveller the ship is likely to appeal to and how someone could spend their time aboard.

As well as showcasing the ships themselves, the article also goes into detail about some of the fantastic destinations on offer, what you can do there and why they are worth visiting on your next cruise.


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