Phrases from across the world

Phrases from across the world is the most recent infographic from UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise who offer cruising experience across the globe. Featuring phrases from around the world, including offerings from Russia, The Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom, there is a phrase almost everyone should know and enjoy. Perfect for those planning their upcoming cruise experiences, these funny and humorous phrases and idioms will make visiting these cities a whole lot easier.

Find classic idioms and phrases like ‘cut him some slack’ to some more unusual phrases like ‘to hang noodles on the ears’ and ‘caught at the leeks’, read the accompanying article to find out what other idioms are included in the guide and which were the contributor’s favourites. If you’re thinking of planning your next adventure, then read this infographic for some well-needed inspiration as well as some phrases you can take on your travels with you.


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