Preliminary Steps To Be Taken Before Tour

Man basic instinct is to travel is to travel. With the passage of time the aim of travelling changed. Man used to travel in search of food or shelter before, but now man travel for recreation purpose also. Travelling to any place is a new experience for anybody. So it is important to plan before to avoid any inconvenience. Planning is very essential part of any activity to be done whether it is for shopping or preparing for exams or setting a business.


Steps To Be Taken

The preliminary steps to be taken are as follows:-

  • First of all, there should be clarity regarding the main purpose or objective of your tour. Search online for deciding the destination you want to visit. There are many tourism sites which provide information regarding various destinations.
  • You can opt for eco tourism, pilgrimage tour, adventure tour, heritage tour etc.
  • Consult your family and friends regarding the tour.
  • After selecting the place, you can opt for online travel services to avoid inconvenience. Internet is an ideal place to plan, explore and arrange almost any trip.Online travel services will provide you detailed information regarding the place, available accommodation, information relating to fare tracking, currency conversion, shopping for travel accessories etc.
  • Calculate the maximum expenditure that can be occurred and what you can spend. In short prepare your budget. Past savings can be used.
  • Compare the policies of different websites regarding price, packages available, facilities, discounts available, availability of tour guides etc. and select the appropriate tourist website.
  • Book tickets and a hotel that is affordable. If you have not availed online service, contact a tour guide in your city.
  • Consult your doctor about the trip and find out your suitability for that area. Have a proper health check up. Take proper vaccinations as required. Never compromise with your health.Take advice from doctor regarding staying healthy during the tour.
  • You should be clear about the weather changes of the place you are visiting to avoid any impact on your health.
  • Read different brochures for more information.
  • Do shopping of necessary items.
  • Always carry a first aid box needed in case of emergency.
  • Take proper training from a qualified trainer in case of adventure tour. Fitness is very important.
  • Carry light, Carry a torch light, food items that can be stored for long time, first aid box, medicines etc.
  •  When all the arrangements have been done, verify your plan to avoid any inconvenience.
  •  Sleep properly before you leave for tour.
  • Enjoy your trip with a relaxed mind.

Responsibility Of Tourist

Be a responsible tourist. Observe the sanctity of holy places, temples and local culture.  Do not litter the environment with wrappers, plastic bottles or empty tins. Do not carry non degradable material with yourself. Do not take photograph without the permission of authority. Never harm any flora and fauna of that place. Cooking in open environment and disposing refuse, as well as polythene bags, and throwing unextinguished cigarette must be avoided.Respect the local people and culture of their place.They must ensure that the local people do not feel slighted or hurt in any way because of their behavior and activities.Buy eco friendly souvenirs.

Do not buy any animal or plant which is strictly banned for sale. Share your experience with everyone.

Conclusion :

Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. Travelling is necessary to de stress us and say goodbye to hectic life and have a new experience. Travelling is a step towards reducing anxiety. After the tour, you will feel refreshed and motivated. It will help you to be more flexible and be open-minded. It will teach you to be more patient. It will increase your confidence level too.  After the tour is over share your experience with others including friends and family members. Share your photographs on social networking site. Give your feedback regarding the services you enjoyed provided by the online travel service provider. In this way you will promote tourism. Tourists can play a major role in promoting tourism apart from government.

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