QR Code vs. Barcode: The Differences Every Manufacturer Should Know

Keeping track of inventory is a great way to monitor your business’ production and aids in your security measures. This is the reason why barcode technology is important for every manufacturer to understand. Codes make this task much simpler, assigning each and every product information that is recorded in a system database, making it simpler to monitor.

Although similar in function, not all codes are the same. They differ when it comes to their ability to store information. Some products only require a standard and simple 1 Dimensional barcode that holds just enough information for tracking inventory produced in massive amounts. Others would require heavier security, meaning it would need codes that can hold much more data than barcodes. 2 Dimensional codes were created to serve that purpose, the most commonly seen being the QR code. Understand the difference between barcodes and QR codes in this infographic made simple to know which code can be much more beneficial to your business.


Infographic Source: https://www.elixirphil.com/qr-code-vs-barcode-differences-manufacturer-should-know/

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