Reasons to Use Spin to Win Popups

Spin the wheel popups, one of the best gamification popups available today is simply overlooked due to these two main reasons,

  1. Its less known beneifts
  2. The pricing factor

But eCommerce stores and websites who’ve understood the benefits of using a spin to win wheel make sure that they make good use of this gamification pop-up time and again! You wouldn’t believe the fact that Amazon has used spin the wheel popups!

It’s well known that all web visitors have a very short attention span and you need something unique if you’re going to need their attention! And spin to win popups (when combined with rewards) helps you do this the right way!

Below mentioned are the benefits you get when you use a spin to win popup on your website,

  • Grabs Instant Attention – Make your visitors glued to your website for the next couple of minutes by displaying visually appealing spin to win popups.
  • Capture Leads – Capturing email addresses becomes a walk in the park when you start using spin to win popups.
  • High Success Rates – It’s very uncommon that a visitor would skip this magic popup and ignore the benefits that come along!
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment – Stop visitors from abandoning their shopping carts by displaying spin the wheel popups with coupons/percentage discounts.
  • Increased Customer Retention – Turn visitors customers and customers into loyal brand advocates. All you need is a spin to win popup template and a couple of rewards.
  • Promote Sales Deals & Offers – Let visitors know what’s happening on your store the fun way – display sales promotion & deals using spin to win popups.

There are more benefits! Take a look at the infographic to know what they are!

spin to win info

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