Seniors in the United States Above the Age of 65

In the future, the population of older adults may increase because the elderly age group is rising at a faster rate. As more seniors are crossing the age of 65, here are some factors you can learn which led to the rise of senior population growth.

The elderly age group is rising due to a decline in mortality and fertility rates. The senior population will be doubled in 2050 and can rise up to 80 million, making every one in 5 Americans an older adult. The average growth rate of senior population is 2.8 percent. Seniors over the age of 85 are the most rapidly growing elderly age group. There will be 19 million seniors, who are considered oldest old or over 85 years, by the year 2050. 20 percent of seniors will be a race other than White, the ratio was previously lower than 10 percent. Senior women outnumber older men, but the ratio may change in the foreseeable future. When it comes to diseases among seniors, stroke, heart diseases, and cancer are the leading causes of death.
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