Should You Get A Divorce Before School Starts?

Schultz & Associates, LLC is happy to display this infographic showing a process when thinking about getting a divorce before school starts. Though it may be a difficult decision, parents are not alone in thinking that getting a divorce around the start of school is the right choice for them.

Peaking in August, statistics show that divorce rates remain high before school starts and then dip to an annual low in the winter months. Deciding to go through with a divorce is a process, one that takes consideration of all relevant circumstances involved. In the end, a decision to get a divorce is not always an easy one, but for many, it’s a step toward a happier and healthier future.

Carrie S. Schultz has dedicated her divorce practice to getting the best outcomes for children of divorce. As a child of divorce, she understands the hardship that children must grasp in order to move on with their new life.
To make the process easier on you, your spouse, and your child(ren), we’ve put together some tips in order to help you decide if filing for divorce before your children start school is right for you.


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