Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolating

Social isolation is essential to human health. Don’t let physical distancing leave you feeling alone. In fact, social isolation can lead to a string of physical health issues, such as high blood pressure due to anxiety, heart disease, obesity, depression, cognitive decline, and even Alzheimer’s. However, physical distancing doesn’t have to bring on social isolation. We’re all in this together, whether or not we’re confined to our homes and restricted to staying at least 6-feet apart. As we adjust to our new normal of working and learning from home, here’s how you can fight loneliness.

To begin, you must find balance. Stay in touch with your loved ones, set a routine, get outdoors, and use technology to stay connected to reality. For example, watch a movie with your friends and family using Netflix Party – a Google Chrome extension with a built-in sidebar for integrated group chats.

While social distancing is essential to public health, your wellbeing is equally important. Here’s how you practice social distancing without feeling isolated.

Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolating

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