Solar Power and South Africa’s Energy Crisis

South African state energy provider Eskom has been suffering under the weight of alleged corruption for a while and this year, consumers are feeling the strain more than ever. To avoid collapse and take pressure off crumbling infrastructure, Eskom scheduled periodic load shedding in February and March this year. This meant that entire districts were without power for hours at a time over a period of several days as the company attempted to recover the national energy supply.

Eskom has assured that load shedding will not happen over the winter but one slip could bring the whole system down again. Many South Africans have turned to solar energy to try and support themselves without the national grid but, as the infographic shows, personal solar photovoltaic systems will not be enough to recover South Africa’s crippled energy system and in reality, changes need to be made at the top level if they’re going to make any effectual change.


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