Surprising Stats on Dietary Health

By gaining insights on the impact of small changes to your lifestyle, you can see the full range of dietary health options available. It can often seem exceptionally difficult to make a lasting change to your diet. But in this latest post, Physiomed explains how small changes can make a lasting and significant impact on your health. Here, we’ll look at several statistics from the dietary health industry.

Those Who Cook Five Times Per Week Live a Year Longer on Average

The latest data shows that if you cook five times a week and eat home cooked meals, you will live on average one year longer than those who don’t. This highlights the important role that cooking can play in your dietary health. Cooking gives you complete control to choose the ingredients you want to eat and avoid those that can cause damage. It can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and safeguard your health over a number of years.

Drinking an Additional 1.5L of Water Per Day Increases Calorie Burn by 200 Calories

We know the importance of drinking more water. Water can help you stay focused throughout the day, protect your skin and support optimal nutrition. But did you know drinking water can also help you burn calories? The latest data shows that drinking an additional 1.5L of water per day leads to the burning of 200 more calories. Simply drinking more water can play an important role in mitigating weight gain.

Sleeping Less Than Six Hours Can Prompt Hunger Hormones

The latest data also shows that sleeping less than six hours per day can lead to an increase in hunger hormones that will cause you to overeat during the day. It’s just one of the many data-points linking a lack of sleep and excess weight.

By understanding more on how your body works, and by building your dietary strategy around this data, you can ensure you choose the right approach for achieving your health goals. To learn more, take a look at the below infographic.


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