Personal Injury Statistics in the US


Have you been the victim of a personal injury incident? If so, you’re likely wondering what your next steps are. Personal injuries are one of the leading causes of lawsuits in the United States, but it’s important to know what options are available to you before you proceed. Do you …

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7 Interesting Employment Tribunal Statistics For 2018


The latest statistics from the UK Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for January to March 2018 provide an interesting picture of the impact of the fees refund scheme. Since the start of the scheme already 7773 applications for the fee refunds have been accepted. Out of the refunds that have been …

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Interesting YouTube Facts and Statistics You Should Know


The Infographic from Wondershare Filmora shows you some many mind-numbing YouTube facts, figures, and statistics in 2017, including the milestone in YouTube history, the monthly active users for various social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, and WeChat. It is interesting that there are more than 1.5 billion monthly …

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14 Social Media Statistics You Didn’t Know

14 Social Media Statistics

Social media and technology have evolved over a period of time. In this time, many social media platforms have emerged but not every platform has survived the competition from their competitors, social media platforms have evolved from personal networking platforms to becoming the much preferred channel for businesses. A large …

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Why and Where People Live Longer

median age

It’s a fact that in certain areas people live longer. For centuries it has been know that Asia has the longest living inhabitants. The question is not only about where, it’s more often ‘why?’ Why in some countries people historically live longer than in other parts of the world. Well, …

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