The ROI of Upgrading Your Garage Door in 2020

For homeowners, there is no shortage of home improvement projects to accomplish, but some offer big benefits, especially when the home is for sale. One such project is upgrading the property’s garage door. According to Remodeling Magazine’s “2020 Cost vs. Value Report” this home improvement project led to 94.5% of costs being recouped. It was also identified as the 2nd best home improvement project to do based upon factors like the cost to complete, the percentage of money recouped, and resale value.

Additionally, making the investment in a new garage door helps improve a property’s curb appeal. This term refers to the attractiveness of a building to people passing by on the street. Though subjective, another industry survey of realtors across the US found that when a homeowner decides to list their home for sale, they may see up to a 4% increase in their selling price as a result of enhancing their garage door.


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