Tips When Buying a Tow Truck Camera for a Fleet

Vehicles are expensive and managing many in a fleet can be tedious. Therefore, if you are in the fleet business, you must take good care of each vehicle. Installing fleet management solutions such as GPS tracker, cameras and ELDs is a great option for trucks. Using the best tow truck camera will help with vehicle tracking, monitoring, and routing, especially when trying to locate clients who have called. Furthermore, the supervisors will always be in the loop of what is happening during the towing errands.

Tow truck cameras have been on the market for some time and are nothing new. Nonetheless, the technology supporting this feature has evolved extensively, and the market avails some of the most advanced tow truck camera equipment that improves the driver’s safety and eases the management of the fleet. That said, here are the best tips when you want to buy the best tow truck camera.

Check Out the Design

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When choosing a tow truck camera, it is good to check the design. For easy understanding and maintenance, choose one that is simple in looks but detailed in features. Small designs are the best since they fit well on the cabin dashboard. If they are to cover both the front of the road and cabin, ensure that they are not a bother to the driver. Furthermore, pay most attention to the battery. Small designs might compromise the battery, although there are incredible technologies even for minimalistic designs. An ideal tow truck camera battery should last at least four to five days.

Technical Support

A tow truck camera used advanced technology; hence one needs to have basic technical knowledge on how to handle it. When buying, check out if the manufacturers offer support when which will come in handy during the update of software involved, troubleshooting and solving other problems related to the camera. Fortunately, many reputable companies sell these devices, install them and provide support thereafter. Some may offer it directly via email or the phone. Furthermore, check out their warranty information, in case of issues you should be able to return the product easily.

Differentiate Costs

When buying a tow truck camera, prices may differ from buyer to buyer. Some may have a higher price while others are lower. The price depends on the brand, international coverage, battery life, and associated services. Depending on your budget, do your research well to find a seller who matches your budget. Furthermore, when buying you need to buy from a reliable source, for example, Eyeride company, who have the best tracking devices that will help monitor vehicles performance. You could also check for discounted prices, discount coupons and other offers that will save you some money during the purchase of a tow truck camera.

Pay More Attention to Notification Features

When buying a tow truck camera make sure it provides notifications and alerts. This provides the fleet manager with information that will help him track and monitor when they are towing the client’s vehicles. A legit tow truck camera gives you the option of setting notifications according to your requirements. You can initiate alerts on driver’s behavior on the road, idling events, or speeding. This builds a good reputation for your company and clients will trust you to tow their vehicles. At the end of the day, this will save you time and maintenance costs as well.

Check Out on Hardware Quality

When it comes to tow truck cameras, hardware quality is an important factor. Different brands offer different hardware quality. Some are handy for trucks while others will break at the earliest opportunity; the choice is yours. Therefore, go for the ones with high-quality, heat resistance, and waterproof qualities. These features will help the camera withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Check Out Reviews

Just as you review customers’ details when buying products online, you should do the same when buying a tow truck camera. Review help you a lot as far as the overall experience is concerned. You can watch videos on YouTube on the experiences of other customers.


Tow truck camera is overall advantageous and can be helpful to fleet owners with trust issues. With the above article, you can now understand tips that will help you in the process of buying a tow truck camera to take your towing business to the next level.

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