Top 10 Fuel Efficient SUVs in 2017

When one plans to buy a vehicle, one focuses on multiple factors like performance, reliability and costs. Modern buyer is taking a fancy to small SUV’s with fuel efficient engines so that he can use it at low running costs. Earlier, the customers used to experience this dilemma that they could not get fuel efficient yet stylish vehicles at affordable prices but the table have turned now. Modern automakers are assembling SUV’s with engines that consume less fuel and deliver impressive performance simultaneously. The response has been excellent so far as the number of customers of SUV’s are increasing at a healthy rate. If you are planning to get an SUV for yourself and don’t know which one to buy, there’s no need to worry. In the following infographic, you get to know about top 10 fuel efficient SUV’s and their specifications. We are certain that the information will help you in finding your favourite SUV.


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