Top 10 Saloons with High Horsepower Engines

This is the era of cars. Let me update the first line, in fact, this is the era of advanced cars. The days have passed when we have to switch the car to avail another type of feature or function. Like if we want to go for speed option, there are specific makes which are associated to the speed. Same like if we want fuel economy, then we have to sacrifice the speed option and have to select specified vehicles. Now, the scenario has entirely changed. The gear is shifted to the next level. In this age of technology and advancements, we have the option to get all what we want in one unit. Yes, I am talking about all in one cars. Whether it is high horsepower, or top speed, a powerful engine or fuel economy is concerned, we can get all these in one car. In fact, these things have become the selection parameters for the customers. Therefore, the automakers are focusing to buy cars having all these features. In this infographic, we have picked top 10 saloons with high horsepower and also having other salient features like torque, speed, engine power.


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