The rise of big data and analytic has unquestionably begun to blast and the coming years anticipate sensible improvements in the uses of the Big Data technology. All things considered, the greater part of us are presently more than comfortable with big data and analytics terms like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Hive, Cloud and so forth. We know there are no less than 20 NoSQL databases and various other Big Data arrangements rising each month. Be that as it may, which of these advancements see prospects going ahead? Which innovations will bring you enormous advantages in the big data solutions arena?


With the year reaching an end, this is a decent time to make a few forecasts on how big Data technology will take care of business. In this article, we have recorded the main 5 innovations to rise/progress in Big Data technology in the coming year in view of how Big Data and analytics has been doing.

One of the most important things to reap benefits from the big data technology and big data solutions is- big data IQ. This is the reason every company is looking for candidates with big data IQ and the in-house employees are being made to gain big data IQ to help the organization.

  1. Hadoop will keep on rocking

Hadoop has been generally embraced by ventures for their information distribution center requirements in the previous year. The pattern appears to proceed and develop in the coming year also. Organizations that have not investigated Hadoop so far will no doubt observe its focal points and applications- and this is where companies will require candidates with big data IQ to help companies reap maximum benefits from big data solutions.

As far as the innovative improvements, Hadoop will think of components that would make it more endeavor prepared. Once Hadoop security ventures like Sentry, Rhino and so on pick up solidness, Hadoop’s execution will extend crosswise over numerous more parts and organizations can utilize the arrangements without quite a bit of security concerns- this is what big data trends in 2016 anticipated!

  1. Constant big data solutions will grow

Every organization in today’s scenario has the information and know how to store and process Big Data. The genuine distinction will be how quick would they be able to convey examination answers for better business choices. The Focus in 2017 will increase. Preparing Big Data and analytics arrangements will positively increment. Ventures like Spark, Storm, Kafka and so forth were produced in view of this perspective. We will see organizations progressing from POCs to genuine applications with these advances.

  1. Big Data arrangements will be powered by cloud solutions

With Internet of Things (IOT) taking front seat, data-driven scenario is on its expansion. Applications including IOT will require a flawless versatile answer for overseeing immense volumes of Data. What other than cloud administrations can do this better. Favorable circumstances of Hadoop on cloud have, as of now been acknowledged by numerous associations and innovations relating to the coupling of Big Data advancements like Hadoop, Spark, IOT and cloud are relied upon to be well on ascend in the coming year too.

To outline, Big Data is still especially on ascend with more receptions and more utilization of the current advances and dispatch of fresher arrangements identified with Big Data security, Cloud combinations, information mining and so forth.


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