Top 5 Moving Problems and Solutions

If you have ever tried to help someone move, then you probably know that most of us do not have the best tools to get the job done. You show up to help a friend move, only to find that they are not at all prepared for the situation. But of course it is probably too late to turn back, so you gotta dig in and help. Sheer brute force may have worked before, but risking injury and spending all your energy to do it isn’t as appealing when you see the alternative. Whether it is not having good packing tape, or if it is trying to carry 31 boxes full of books by hand, these problems have simple solutions. We hope this infographic from Moving Blankets helps you or a friend make a moving situation more bearable. Maybe you can even print this for a friend before you show up to make sure they get the hint. Who knows, it might even be fun!


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