Top Ten Fastest Cars of 2017 and 2018

Go a few years back and it felt like a fantasy to see super-fast cars moving before you; and to drive one of them seemed an even bigger dream. Modern automakers, with their commitment and skill, have turned this dream into reality. Now we are able to see countless powerful cars that pass in a flash on the road before our eyes. The secret to achieve such great speed is not just the installation of a powerful engine in the car. Several other factors contribute to making a car travel at high speed within a few seconds. The acceleration power, gear transmissions and fuel-type determine how much speed a car can gain in minimum time. In the light of these factors, we have chosen top 10 accelerating cars of 2017 in UK. We took fuel consumption, CO2 emission and engine-power as the criteria for ranking these cars in the list of top 10 accelerating cars


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