Tourist vs Travellers: Which one are you?

A tourist and traveller contrast in numerous perspectives including likes, dislikes, habits, places they love to visit, the way their experience a place, the way they converse with people, and so on.

Use of Their Travel Time
According to expert travellers:

  • A traveller is a sort of individual that likes to live in the now and is eager for a chance to encounter life as it goes by and has an entire distinctive point of view.
  • They do not like to visit the tourist spots, yet rather prefer to take the most common way to move about and discover little places with incredible social uniqueness.

On the other hand:

  • A tourist is usually short on time. He has a particular measure of time in which he needs to strategise his entire trip.
  • A tourist is typically a person that needs to see the significance of the nation they are visiting in a brief timeframe. Thus, they, as a rule, lean toward visiting only specific tourist spots.

The Key Difference
A lot of people have different opinions on the differences between tourists and travellers. However, it has been noted that the key contrast is education.

  • Travellers use travelling as an enlightening ordeal, finding out more about themselves as much as about their environment.
  • Tourists use travelling as a form of escape, or an approach to lose themselves in the vibrancies and various activities, and forget as much as possible the life they have left behind.

An Irrelevant Debate?
We are all tourists at times, and travellers when needed. Provided that we thoroughly enjoy our choices, and make them with the right intentions, the debate between differentiating tourist vs traveller does not really matter.


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