Types of Hardwood Flooring and Hardwood Species

Hardwood Floor has been one of the most popular options for centuries. Its versatility and natural charm give a unique personality and beauty to every installation. The trees that are used for hardwood material grow slower and end up being denser and durable. The hardwood flooring lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

The best thing about Hardwood Flooring is that it never goes outdated. In the Infographic, we have listed the Types of Hardwood Flooring:- Solid Wood and Engineered Wood Flooring and also the different species of Hardwood Flooring that have survived the test of times.

Some of the Hardwood Flooring Design Consideration:

Uniqueness: – Every plank or strip is a unique natural art piece. There are dozens of different species of hardwood flooring- domestic, imported and exotic hardwood to choose from. They lend a one-of-a-kind feature to your floor. The grain, colour and characteristics are explained in the Infographic.

Large Spaces: – Wooden flooring is particularly good for the large spaces so that the grains and patterns of its surface break the monotony of the room and infuse interest and new design into the space.

Character: – Over time, wood acquires subtle shading of colour and gets scratches, dents, nicks and lend a unique personality to your floor that cannot be bought but attained over the years.

If you make up your mind to replace your old flooring with the adorable elegant wood flooring, peek into the Infographic below to know more about the Harwood Flooring and its Types:



Infographic Source: https://www.floorsave.co.uk/blog/wood-species-for-hardwood-flooring-how-to-pick/

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