Uber, A Startup Starting Trouble

Uber started in 2009 as a small startup with just 2 employees. Now it is the worlds largest startup valued at over 70 billion dollars. Its exponential growth rates have been impressive and investors love the stats so much they increase their dose of monetary injection every year. The motor of all this growth is Uber’s aggressive market style that led Uber to dominate established markets.

Despite its impressive numbers, this aggressive style of doing business is backfiring. Scandals, PR blunders and various major lawsuits have clouded the positive and exciting image the public once had about Uber. Newsmedia have had Uber in their headlines almost daily for the better of two years, and negative is winning from the positive tone.

An app designed to make peoples lives easier and cheaper, has turned out to actually provide the opposite. Still, many people still use the service daily, without understanding what actually is going on. This infographic shows the major areas that have contributed to the negative public image of Uber in a fun and visual way


Infographic Source: https://www.market-inspector.co.uk/blog/2017/09/why-uber-is-so-controversial

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