The UK regions with the best drivers

In a recent article, Dayinsure, a company specialising in temporary car insurance, aimed to find out which of the regions of the UK is home to the best drivers. By surveying a selection of drivers from each region, they managed to find out which drivers had the best driving habits and were, therefore, the best drivers. Some of the questions they asked were whether a driver had ever caused an accident, whether a driver always uses signals when manoeuvring and whether a driver has even driven when overly tired.

The infographic displays the final rankings in a simple and easy to digest layout. As well as showing which order the regions ranked it, it also shows some of the most intriguing statistics from each of the regions results.

The accompanying article goes into great detail about each region and its performance across the categories. It features an interactive map which shows a full breakdown of all of the statistics and also features quotes from drivers around the UK with their reactions to the findings.


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