Understanding A Snowy Weather: Is It Safe For All?

How do you drive when the weather changing? Road conditions may affect the situation you can never expect. Examine yourself if you can stay during this weather. There is a difference in driving when it comes to snowy and dry roads. Missouri is one of the places had a fatal car accident in one recent year. Many people think that driving in the snow is very dangerous and leads to tons of car crashes. However, this infographic explains that driving in the snow isn’t actually as dangerous as many people think that it is. Only 4% of all car accidents in Missouri last year happened during snow, and less than 1% of all fatal car accidents took place during snowy and icy conditions. The infographic then goes on to explain what types of weather conditions contribute to the most car crashes and how to stay safer during these conditions.


Infographic Source: https://www.missourilawyers.com/car-accident-lawyer/accidents-due-to-snow/

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