Useful tips to bake delicious cakes

Cakes are considered to be a welcome sight for any casual, elegant, get together, and be it large or small. It is to be kept in mind that these days, cakes are mixed, baked and shaped in numerous ways. But some essential basic principles are said to be applicable to each and every cake that is to be baked.


With baking powder and baking soda being invented, cake baking is said to have become immensely popular right from the time of the Industrial Revolution. Now, it has become much easier to bake cakes at the home. There are available ovens which can be found with temperature controlled settings. It effectively means that cakes can be left baking, without the person requiring to oversee it at any point of time. Furthermore, there have emerged several online sites that have been offering people with plenty of choices to make from. Now, one can buy birthday cake online without having to face any hassle or issue.

Tips to bake cakes

  • Not to use cold eggs: Besides getting butter to the room temperature, the same is to be performed with eggs also. It will assist with emulsifying properly the mixture. If time is short, then the eggs can be placed in warm bowl for around 10 to 15 minutes in warm water.
  • Measure flour properly: Flour is to be spooned into dry measuring cup. The excess is to be swept off using a knife. It should not be scooped directly from bag, since there are chances of the flour to turn compact. It will cause getting more than what had been bargained for the recipe.
  • Pans to be buttered using pastry brush: Better coverage can be derived, if it is selected. This way, buttering parchment can be fast and easy. Simply take a brush and to swipe it over the soft butter tablespoon and then to paper or pan.
  • Pans to be placed in oven centre: The pans are not to touch each other including the oven walls. If the oven does not have sufficient width for placing side by side 2 and more such pans, then they are to be placed on different racks and offset slightly. It will help appropriate circulation of air.
  • Even baking to be ensured through pan rotation: It is to be done only if cake has set. It effectively means that the cake is around 2/3rds of baking time for avoiding collapse. If more than one rack is being used, then swapping the pans can be a fabulous idea.
  • Cool cakes upside down: In this manner, top area gets flattened out to create those easy to stack disks to derive layered cakes. If the cake top is rounded still, then slicing it off is to be considered using serrated knife.

Using the tips mentioned above can help the person to bake cakes at the home. One can order birthday cake from the different reputed sites that are affordable as well as easily accessible.

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