Ways to Save on Your Shopping Needs

If you’re like most of us, there’s never enough money to buy all the things you want and need. Housing, utilities, food, and work expenses gobble up your paycheck at an alarming rate and if you have children the cost is multiplied. If you’re tired of stretching your last dollar to make it to payday, here are some tips to help you save on your regular shopping needs:

Don’t impulse buy. Just because something is a great price or looks delicious doesn’t mean you have to have it. If you can’t pass up a great deal consider giving yourself a dollar limit on extras when you go to the store. When you reach your limit stop impulse buying.

Buy on sale. When your usual grocery items go on sale buy enough to last two to three weeks, which is the usual sales repeat for most grocery stores. Freeze the extra portions to use in between sales.

Look for deals. Don’t just buy shoes when you want them; look for sales first. When you find what you want look for further discounts before you buy and get an extra savings boost.

Comparison shop. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s the lowest price you’ll find. Check out the competitors, look for online discounts, and compare other brands before you lay out your cash.

Consider buying used. Check resale shops, consignment stores, and online sales sites for the items you need. This is especially good for children’s clothing and sporting goods that may not see a lot of wear and tear.

Check for trades. See if there’s a mom-to-mom trade site, or ask your friends and family members if they have what you need. Sometimes you’ll get the perfect item for free, trade, or a highly discounted price!

Wait for clearance. If you’re looking for high-ticket items it’s a good idea to wait until the shopping season is over for that item. Buy outdoor summer equipment in mid to late summer and holiday items in January.

Buy in bulk. When there are great sales such as back-to-school office supplies, buy enough to last all year. Never pay full price for a notebook again!


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  1. Saving money while buying the things you need is fun. I am sure a lot of people would love to know about this. Thank you for sharing this here!


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