What can I take on a cruise ship?

This infographic takes a brief look into some of the items you may be surprised to find are banned from a cruise ship, as well as some of the items you may be surprised are not. From pool noodles, camouflage clothing and candles to watercolour pains, this is the most unique packing list you’ll ever see. With fun visuals to help it pop and make it memorable, you’ll be able to board your next cruise with full confidence after reading this.

The piece was created by ROL Cruise, the UK’s leading independent cruise specialist. Therefore, it is an unbiased look and represents the average rules across a multitude of lines, and doesn’t focus solely on one cruise line. In the case of specific questions you should contact your cruise line directly to find out an answer.

This piece should be your last packing inquiry before zipping your case shut and zipping to the cruise port for an excellent holiday!


Infographic Source: https://www.rolcruise.co.uk/blog/what-can-i-take-on-a-cruise-ship

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