What Factors Affect Your Internet Speed

Achieve your optimal internet speeds with the help of this infographic titled “What Affects Your Internet Speed?” There are ten mostly likely causes of internet lagging, and they are explained in the graphic. The first point is wireless vs. Ethernet, because while wireless has advanced over the years, a corded connection via Ethernet is still able to achieve the best speeds. The hardware you are using to access the internet is also a major contender. Keeping your devices free of spyware will also help to keep your internet at its fastest. Your router is important too, as older devices don’t have the range or capabilities to maintain fast speeds, and the location can also factor into the equation. Your browser can also impact your internet speed, as can the host server depending on how adequate it is for traffic it receives. Your broadband connection is the biggest factor; you can’t achieve high speeds if your connection doesn’t provide them. Different operating systems also provide different results. Lastly, your network can be bogged down as a result of too many devices draining it. Taking these points into consideration with the help of this infographic will ensure you the best speeds you can get.


Infographic Source: http://bluegadgettooth.com/infographic-affects-internet-speed/

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