Your Ultimate Shoe Guide: 24 Types of Shoes

Every woman is unique in their own style and so are the shoes that are made for them. From classic stilettos, must-have sneakers, chic ankle boots to the essential ballet flats there’s just a lot of styles to own to ensure that there will never be an occasion where you don’t have the right shoes to wear.
So where do you start?

By doing a little research on the shoe styles available today, you’ll learn that you have actually more options than you can count on your finger. But, that doesn’t exactly mean you have to jump on the trend each time. Knowing which pairs will go perfect with your outfit will guarantee that you’re investing on something that will pay off in the long run.

In this infographic, Janylin Shoes has rounded up 24 of the most popular shoe styles you should consider. Invest in any of these and you’re sure to have everything you need in your closet.


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