10 Common Pasta Types and Dishes They are Used For

Oh, here are ten all-time favourite pasta dishes for the love and comfort that pasta brings!

  1. Spaghetti is a long, cylindrical, and thin pasta commonly served with the traditional red sauce and meatballs, commonly known as Bolognese.
  2. Fettuccine is a flat pasta that easily absorbs flavour; most Italian restaurants commonly pair them with wine sauces, creamy seafood, chicken, or Alfredo sauce.
  3. Linguine is a longer and narrower flat pasta than Fettucine, which works well with cream-based recipes like the Italian pasta Carbonara and other seafood pasta recipes.
  4. Penne mix well with creamy garlic sauces. Some people pair it with olive oil, salt, and pepper for a quick pasta dish.
  5. Macaroni is a c-shaped pasta famous for Mac n’ Cheese and chicken soup.
  6. Rigatoni like the penne, but without the diagonal edges, this pasta is best served with chunky vegetable sauces—Pesto!
  7. Fusilli is also known as the corkscrew pasta. It is famously paired with meaty or chunky vegetable sauces or pasta bakes.
  8. Farfalle is a pasta made to entice children and help them eat vegetables. Farfalle is commonly used in salads. One example is the BLT or bacon-lettuce-tomato salad which is easy to do and ideal for kids ages 9-12 years old—but can be enjoyed by adults too!
  9. Lasagne is a sheet pasta popularly known worldwide for the mouth-watering dish the Lasagna.
  10. Ravioli is a square pasta with pinched edges and ruffled texture stuffed with cheese, seafood, or vegetables. Some serve it in soups or are drizzled with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Check out this 10 Common Pasta Types and Dishes They are Used For infographic to learn more.

Pasta Types and Dishes They are Used For

Infographic Source: https://cirellico.com.au/blogs/news/10-common-pasta-types-and-dishes-they-are-used-for

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