10 Steps to Starting A School

The process of starting a school is one that is long, complicated, and sometimes frustrating. The rules and regulations are not always clear and the path to go from an idea to opening day is not always a straight line. It is a process that can take months or years to get through, depending on how well-informed you are about the process.

This infographic helps education entrepreneurs visualize how they can make their dreams of opening a school a reality. By following along with these 10 steps, those looking to start a school can make sure they are hitting all of the major requirements.

From planning out curriculum, setting a budget, getting legal documents worked out, securing a location and staff, to finding funding for the school, making sure online capabilities are there, and eventually opening the doors, each of these 10 steps are crucial to getting a school up and running.


Infographic Source: https://choosetwine.com/10-steps-to-starting-your-private-school/

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